Unit v essay – human relations

The use of teams can bring about great change within an organization; however, effective outcomes often depend on how teams are assembled and incorporated. 

A key component to the assembly of a team is the level of diversity that will be included. As discussed throughout this unit, the presence of diversity can provide an advantage for a team but can also create some difficulties that must be overcome. The essay topic is the advantages and disadvantages of diverse teams within an organization. 

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Unit v essay – human relations
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The following questions should be addressed: 

1. What are some advantages to utilizing diverse teams within an organization? 

2. What are some potential difficulties that might need to be overcome in order for a diverse team to be successful? 

3. What are some methods and tactics that can be utilized to overcome the potential difficulties? 

4. As a conclusion, is it worth the effort to attempt to overcome the difficulties in light of the potential advantages of a diverse team? 

Your essay should be at least Four pages in length, including an introduction, a body of supported material, and a conclusion. The reference and title pages do not count toward the total page requirement. A minimum of three scholarly references are required. 

 Be sure to apply the proper APA format for the content and references provided. 


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