Unit vii powerpoint presentation | Applied Sciences homework help

Many times the workers’ compensation coordinator is somewhere far away in another state, at the corporate office, or may even be a contracted service. Therefore, the EH&S Manager is the most knowledgeable individual in the plant. With these variables in mind, develop a PowerPoint for important aspects of workers’ compensation that front-line supervisors need to understand. 

The assignment is flexible so that you may choose what you feel is most important to the supervisors of the company, but the following questions should be answered: 

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Unit vii powerpoint presentation | Applied Sciences homework help
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What are the key points every supervisor should know about the company’s workers’ compensation program or laws?

 What are some of the different types of coverage available? What are the record-keeping systems and reporting requirements?

 Your PowerPoint must be a minimum of eight slides. Ensure the PowerPoint presentation has a title slide, an outline of topics to be discussed, and a reference slide at the end of the presentation. These slides do not count toward the eight-slide minimum. You must use a minimum of two resources in your presentation. All information from the resources used should be cited in accordance with APA Style guidelines.


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