Unit vii risk management ”project”

Unit VII Project


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Unit vii risk management ”project”
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For this assignment, you have been assigned as the project manager for a project involving the installation of a new Internet security suite for your company.



Complete the following tasks for your project:

-Provide a brief overview of your project.
-Describe positive and negative risks within your project.
-Discuss how each of the identified risks can affect the success or failure of the project and rank each risk in terms of impact to the project.

-Propose risk mitigation and management approaches for each identified risk.

-Describe the role policy plays in the planning and performing of risk management processes.



This assignment should contain a minimum of three pages. Refer to the unit lesson and to Chapter 10 of the course textbook for identification of risks and strategies for risk mitigation.



Please be sure that your written response utilizes proper APA formatting and that all sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. 



COURSE TEXTBOOK: Newsome, B. (2014). A practical introduction to security and risk management. Thousand Oakes, CA: Sage.


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