Updike eng1102 | English homework help

First, watch the virtual lecture on composition and read the short story “A&P” by John Updike.  Then, compose a well-developed paragraph in which you explain what you think the main point Updike is making in his story.  Make sure to start your paragraph with a clear thesis or topic sentence and then support your claim with specific textual analysis.   For your analysis, you should not summarize what happens in the story.  Instead, discuss the relevance of a particular plot point and/or the use of a literary device within the text. 

Your essay should be written using the present tense.

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Updike eng1102 | English homework help
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Since you will be using the present tense throughout much of your essay, be particularly careful to check for subject-verb agreement errors.

 Your essay should include in-text citations from the story that you cite and an MLA Works Cited page.  A model for the Works Cited page can be found in your text.  Use the personal website format below, if you use “No One’s a Mystery.”


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