Upload assignment: self-control and prosocial book list

The Assignment

Research children’s books based on the following categories:

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Upload assignment: self-control and prosocial book list
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Self-control: These will include books on tolerating frustration, postponing immediate gratification, setting a plan in motion and carrying it out, controlling impulses

Prosocial Behavior: These books will include the topics of sharing, cooperating,helping,compassion

Emotions: Recognizing the emotions of others, empathy, working through emotions such as anger, sadness, joy

After researching these books, compile a list of ten books that you will use in your classroom or when working with children to assist them in areas of development.  (You should have a minimum of 3 from each catergory).

Each book in your list should include the following:


Book Title



Copyright Date

Age Level

Short Summary: minimum of 3 sentences

Here is an example :

Book One: 

 Category: Self-control-working through emotions

Title: Josh’s Smiley Faces

Author: Gina Ditta -Donahue

Illustrator: Anne Catherine Blake

Copyright Date: 2003

Age level: 4-8

Summary: When Josh is angry, he throws his toys, breaks things, and even hits his little brother. Mom says it’s time for Josh to learn better ways to get his mad feelings out. With the help of a chart of smiley faces, Josh starts to use his words, get along better with others—and feel more “smiley” himself!

Grading Criteria

The assignment is graded on a 100 point scale.

1 point for each area listed (category, title, author, illustrator, copyright, age)

4 points for each summary

Points are deducted for spelling and grammar


Text pages: 65-75   Book stores, Libraries,  Internet / various children’s book sites

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