Use a case study | Human Resource Management homework help


Use a case study to strategic recommendations for a global business.


Choose one of the following cases:

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Use a case study | Human Resource Management homework help
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  • Case 18: Tata Motors in 2014: Its Multibrand Approach to Competing in the Global Automobile Industry (pages CA 247 – CA 284)
  • Case 19: Deere & Company in 2014:  Its International Strategy in the Agricultural, Construction, and Forestry Equipment Industry (pages CA 285-CA 294)
  • Case 20: Wal-Mart in Africa (pages CA 295- CA 305)

Complete a short Written Case Analysis (1 page, not including a title page and references page)

  • Identify the pertinent issues their unique growth and implementation strategies from a global strategy regarding your chosen case.
  • Perform an analysis and evaluation highlighting their competitive advantages compared to their competition.
  • Propose a short action plan or recommendations based on that competitive advantage.


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