Using a provided scenario( select one ), prepare a 5–6-page

For this assessment, assume the role of an employee relations specialist and develop a performance management plan, including negative feedback that you would present to an employee, based on a hypothetical situation.

Select one scenario from the Assessment Scenarios list above  Based on the information provided in your chosen scenario, prepare a performance management plan and the feedback you would deliver to the employee, following the steps listed below, in order:

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Using a provided scenario( select one ), prepare a 5–6-page
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1.  Describe the real issue and explain what the most difficult aspect of discerning the issue is for you.

2.  Describe your goal, and explain the performance management plan you believe is most appropriate for the scenario, including corrective actions, outcomes, and potential benefits.

3.  Explain what temptation you, as the HR employee relations specialist, are most likely to face and how you will resist it.

4.  Explain basic performance feedback practices, such as: 

o  Obtaining permission from the employee to engage in the discussion.

o  Choosing the best time to deliver the feedback.

o  Selecting the place for the conversation.

5.  Consider what you would say to the employee, and write the script for your negative feedback. Ensure that your script includes: 

o  The real issue.

o  Your goal.

o  A brief explanation of how a performance management plan would address the issue.

o  The corrective action you would take.

o  Conclude your paper with your insights into the process. 

o  How comfortable are you with this process?

o  What information, if any, was missing from the scenario?


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