Voting | Political Science homework help


For this weeks assignment, we are discussing voting and elections. Voting is an essential component of our democracy. However it is not without its criticism. For this assignment, please read the study provided by the Pew Research and answer the following questions.

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Voting | Political Science homework help
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1. Exploring the data surrounding the four voting variables (i.e. Important, Convenient, Straightforward, and exciting), describe and explain how your generation is categorized (as a percentage), in respect to each of the four variables.

2. Do you feel that any of the four voting variables from the above question, are applicable to you? Explain your answer.

3. Do you think voting is easy or difficult? Either for all voters in general or even in respect to your own personal experiences.

4.How do you feel voting can be made to feel easier or more secure? Do you vote absentee or do you go to the polls?

Requirements: 2.5 pages


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