W1 d2 | Applied Sciences homework help

Case 1.3 in your textbook (see attached file “Case 1.3) asks the question: “Why is the Pressure to Reduce Healthcare Costs So Strong?” That is the overarching question for this discussion. To help you explore the issue, consider this statement from Case 1.3: “The United States spends far more on healthcare than other wealthy industrialized countries but, according to health indicators, fares worse than most of them.” 

— Consider the following data regarding per capita (per person) healthcare spending for some countries: (Please see attachment 01).

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W1 d2 | Applied Sciences homework help
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— Now consider this data comparing life expectancy at birth for the same countries: (Please see attachment 02).

Answer the following questions: 

1.  Why is spending so much more than other countries on healthcare a problem? 

2.  What can Americans (individually or collectively) not buy due to high spending on healthcare? 

3.  What factors other than healthcare affect population health? 

4.  Does the evidence suggest that the American healthcare system is not efficient? 

Important:  Case 1.3 and other required images are attached. Need 200+ words. No APA formatting required.  Thank you.


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