Walk transit | Environmental science homework help


1) Find  and report your walk score for your specific area – be specific as in Kendall, Homestead, etc. – and tell me what your location (by zip code) is and what is your walk score: https://www.walkscore.com/ 

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Walk transit | Environmental science homework help
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 2) Find and report your transit score (same website as above), and assess if public transportation is viable in your area

 3) Reflect on your walk and transit score, and how that makes you feel about being outside in your neighborhood. Read some of the references below, find at least one other article/reference on your own, and then write till the end of the page about how you could make your neighborhood (in particular) more walkable and more public transportation accessible.   



This assignment must be 1 full page of text, with references on page 2. You MUST have references.  First line should have your name and title.  Then a single space, then begin your assignment. No extra spaces allowed, they do not count towards page length. INDENT each new paragraph. Points will be lost for short papers, and for lack of using paragraphs.  This must be uploaded as  WORD .  One page double spaced, Times New Roman 12 or Arial 10pt font, 1 inch margins only.  


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