Week 3 team assignment due tomorrow night

 my name is ziomara i am to do 250 word closure and also in charge on putting the paper together also edit the APA paper. i will  download document by name.. so far im just missing elena part but i will after.

Assignments break down: (topic hospital acquired infections/ MRSA)

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Week 3 team assignment due tomorrow night
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-Inflow: Elana

-Stock: Jennifer

-Outflow: Edward

-Feedback Loops for Inflow:Nicolette

-Feedback Loops for Outflow & Editing and submitting assignment: (Team Leader) Ziomara ( add my part 250 words 


Please refer to Ziomara at this point for direction. Edward, you are automatically assigned to Outflow.

instruction below:


Assignment Content

  1. Get together with your Learning Team on a conference call (e.g., phone, FaceTime, Skype) and review the Systems Thinking Diagram assignment that you each completed in Week Two. Discuss systems thinking and any insight or challenges you have experienced tackling the concept.

    Look ahead to the Learning Team assignments over the next few weeks and review the instructions together. This assignment is similar to the Week Two Systems Thinking Diagram assignment you completed last week. For the Week Six assignment, you will work together to identify an issue in health care that affects the industry at a national level and then create a systems thinking diagram of that issue along with a 1- to 2-page paper.

  2. Assignment Instructions
    To begin, discuss the various national health care issues currently affecting the industry and select one that you want to focus on for the remaining three Learning Team assignments in this course.

    Use systems thinking and begin to draft a diagram that maps the complexities of the health care issue and the many variables that influence it.


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