Week 4 discussion cis 337 | cis337 | Strayer University

Cisco Networking Devices”  Please respond to the following:

  • After you have completed a review of the week’s labs, choose a Cisco networking device that you’ve heard of before and discuss the following:
    • Describe your knowledge of and experience with this device.  What did you know about it before your studies this week, and what did you know about it after? 
    • How do you think you’d use this device in a business environment? Is there a use for your home?  What about a SOHO application?  If you are unfamiliar with SOHO, take the time to look it up using the Internet. 
  • Post your initial response to this topic by Wednesday so your classmates will have a chance to read your contribution and reply.  Then return a couple of other days and read what your classmates have shared.

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Week 4 discussion cis 337 | cis337 | Strayer University
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