Week 4 discussions | Applied Sciences homework help

These questions are based on overall questions you answered in the last 3 weeks. Feel free to check online for resources as well.

Question 1

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Week 4 discussions | Applied Sciences homework help
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In this course, we learned some concepts and methods for assuring that the CQI improvements that have been identified will be fully implemented.

-What do you think was the most meaningful implementation concept that you have learned?

-Give an example of how you might use this concept in your role as a leader.

Question 2

-Based on what you have studied over the last four weeks, what do you think is the biggest challenge that health care is facing for the future.

-Why did you choose this challenge?

-What are some of the strategies that you have learned that will help address this challenge?


200 words per question is the minimum requirement. No APA or formatting requirements; plain text is fine. Thank you.


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