Week 7 homework | Information Systems homework help

Your readings in this unit, along with the two sources that you located on systems modeling for decision making in IT, evaluate and analyze the applicability of system simulations in policymaking. 

Address the following:

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Week 7 homework | Information Systems homework help
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·  How is the model-based policy design different from intuitive policy making?

·  What are the techniques currently used to build models?

·  How does system models assist with decision making?

Your paper should be approximately 500 words and demonstrate proper APA formatting and style. You do not need to include a cover page or abstract, but be sure to include your name, assignment title, and page number in the running header of each page. Your paper should include a minimum of four references from your unit readings and assigned research; the sources should be appropriately cited throughout your paper and in your reference list. Use meaningful section headings to clarify the organization and readability of your paper.

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Policy design vs. intuitive policy making

6.6 (33.00%)

Thoroughly discusses the differences. Research based analysis.

Techniques currently used to build models

6.8 (34.00%)

A research-based discussion on current techniques for building models is included.

System models & decision making

6.6 (33.00%)

Discusses the value of systems modelling in decision making with research based examples.


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