Week 7 senior project | Information Systems homework help


W7 Assignment: Finishing the IT Solution and Reflecting on the IT Solution’s Development

Week 7

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Week 7 senior project | Information Systems homework help
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  • Write a section in your report on the current techniques,  skills, and tools you used to accomplish your project.  Compare these to  alternatives and explain why you chose the ones you did.  What advanced  features or techniques did you use?
  • Describe the processes, training, or resources required for delivery of the system in an operational environment.
  • Identify the major components needed for a user-support  structure.  Elaborate on each component in the structure.  Is there a  specific model you would use for user support?
  • Develop a process for maintenance of your system.
  • Write your conclusion of the written report for the IT solution.

Submit your capstone report document and weekly progress report. 


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