Week4: discussion | Education homework help

Collegial Support

Why work in isolation when there are colleagues who can provide support, guidance, and constructive criticism? This week, you have been developing your cover letter and resume. Though best practice would tell you to write each of these, review them carefully, and revise, it also makes sense to ask others for feedback.

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Week4: discussion | Education homework help
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For this Discussion, click on the Doc Sharing tab and read at least two of your colleagues’ resumes and cover letters. Download and save their documents. Indicate your feedback by using “track changes” to comment on their letters/resumes, or by highlighting your comments in a different color.

By Day 5:

Post your feedback to at least two colleagues’ cover letters and resumes. (Be sure to indicate your colleague’s last name in the subject line of your posting—e.g. “Feedback for Sally Ride”.) Summarize your feedback regarding:

  1. Your first impression of the cover letter and resume
  2. The formatting or wording of both documents
  3. Your suggestions for improvement. Be considerate and professional. Keep in mind the tone and type of feedback that you would appreciate and find helpful.

Attach your colleague’s cover letter and resume file, which includes your comments, to your response.

Learning Resources

Required Resources

  • Course Text:  Bolles, R. N. (2018). What color is your parachute? A practical manual for job-hunters and career-changers (2018 ed.). Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press.
    • Chapter 2, “Google is Your New Resume?”
  • Web Site: 4 Steps: How to Write a Cover Letter
  • Use your your favorite search engine (e.g., Google or Metacrawler) for guidance on writing your resume (type “tips on writing a resume” or “examples of resumes”).
  • Additional Online Resources for Your Project (Note: You may also find other resources on your own):


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