What animals live in your space?

1: What animals live in your space?

Other than the urban coyote, find an example of an animal that lives in an urban space.  Be sure your selection is different from your classmates; each organism can only be chosen once.  Discuss the following:

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What animals live in your space?
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  • What is the common and scientific name of the organism
  • What is its relationship with other organisms? For example: what are its predators and prey? Does it depend on or closely interact with other species?
  • How has this organism impacted, interacted or adapted to life in the urban environment?  If your organism is a non-native, think about the native environment of this organism relative to where you observed it.  
  • How does it integrate with humans?
  • Is there human-animal or human-wildlife conflict?  If not, assume there is and design a solution that either reasonably eliminates the conflict or allows the organism and humans to coexist together.


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