What should each service entry of a chart include

2. What should each service entry of a chart include?
A. The next appointment date
B. The fee required for each service
C. The date, surfaces involved, and the tooth number
D. The surfaces involved only if extensive
3. The two major groups of records found in a dental office are _______ records and
_______ records.
A. actuary; tax
B. tax; patient
C. business; actuary
D. business; patient
9. What is the most effective inventory system for a small dental office?
A. A pegboard
B. A combination of manual and computer systems
C. A computerized system
D. A well-organized manual system
11. When should the process of notifying recall patients by telephone begin?
A. End of the month
B. Middle of the month
C. Beginning of the month
D. No special time of the month
12. What should you do if you make a mistake while entering a service rendered?
A. Blacken the entry completely.
B. Erase the error.
C. Legibly write over the error.
D. Draw a line through the error.
13. The time span between appointments is determined by the
A. patient.
B. dentist.
C. laws of the state.
D. American Dental Association.
14. A payment code file by letter is the organization of codes that’s used in a
A. credit card system.
B. computerized system.
C. fully automated system.
D. pegboard system.
15. Which one of the following statements about consumable supplies is true?
A. They’re used up fairly quickly.
B. They’re depreciated over time.
C. They’re in high demand by dental offices everywhere.
D. They’re used over a long period of time.
16. What is the best way to control active file size?
A. Periodically return inactive files to the patients.
B. Push old records to the rear of the drawer.C. Discard files of patients who have died.
D. Put inactive files in storage containers.
17. In which situation is it advised to use a federal Truth in Lending form?
A. When the payment is made by credit card
B. When there’s extensive treatment involved
C. When there’s a finance charge and/or four or more payments
D. When there’s no finance charge
18. The final decision to turn cases over to a collection agency is made by the
A. dentist.
B. accounts receivable manager.
C. insurance clerk.
D. office manager.
19. The management, verification, and prompt payment of a dental office’s
expenses for supplies, payroll,
rent, and similar costs is called
A. file management.
B. accounts receivable bookkeeping.
C. computerized information.
D. accounts payable bookkeeping.
20. An itemized listing of the goods shipped that doesn’t contain the pricing
information is called a/an
A. invoice.
B. package card.
C. packing slip.
D. receipt.
21. Medicaid is a program governed by the
A. American Dental Association.
B. National Consumer’s Board.
C. insurance carriers.
D. U.S. government.
22. A code that’s used to describe a dental procedure is
C. CDT-1.
23. When ordering supplies, what guideline should be followed?
A. Be prepared with specific quantities and details when ordering.
B. Telephone in your orders when you use the last of your supply.
C. Backorder all supplies.
D. Never give a purchase order number to a supplier.
24. Who is permitted to sign a check for the dental office?
A. Only the dentist or another authorized person
B. The receptionist
C. Any office personnel that may be availableD. A dental assistant who has been trained in signing checks
25. You must send a monthly statement to a patient. According to the U.S. Postal
Service guidelines,
which lines should you use to address the envelope? (Remember to use the correct
A. Date line; address line; and city and state lines with area code
B. Attention line; and city, state, and zip code lines
C. Attention line; address line; and city, state, and zip code lines
D. Address line; city, state, and zip code lines; and attention line
26. What is the means by which bookkeeping entries are made accurately and
A. Discounts
B. Ledger cards
C. Credit card D.Audit trails

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