What’s the flow speed in this pipe?

1. Blood flows at 2.65 cm/s through an artery with inside diameter 1.45 mm. What’s the flow speed in a section where the artery narrows to 1.36 mm in diameter?

2. Water flows at1.20×10-4m3/s through a 2.0-cm-diameter pipe, which then branches into two 1.0-cm-diameter pipes. What’s the flow rate in the smaller pipes?

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What’s the flow speed in this pipe?
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3. Water flows through a 1.2-cm-diameter pipe into a 250-L bathtub, which it fills in 6.0 min. What is the speed of the water in the pipe?

4. Oil flowing through a pipeline passes point A at 1.55m/s with gauge pressure 180 kPa. At point B, the pipe is 7.50 m higher in elevation and the flow speed is1.75,m/s. Find the gauge pressure at B.

5. Water flows at0.850 m/s from a hot water heater, through a 450-kPa pressure regulator. The pressure in the pipe supplying an upstairs bathtub 3.70 m above the heater is 414 kPa. What’s the flow speed in this pipe?


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