When describing security management mechanisms, focus and solutions

When describing Security Management mechanisms, focus and solutions are usually divided into three main categories:

Administrative Controls – Policies and Procedures

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When describing security management mechanisms, focus and solutions
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Technical Controls – System Implementations

Physical Controls; – Environmental Issues and Building Controls

Now that you have the management team’s attention concerning Social Engineering (SE) and Internet Security, they have asked you to make a presentation detailing the various security categories dealing with SE. Your assignment is to create a Power-Point presentation and be sure to include and cover the following areas:

Administrative, Technical and Physical controls

Areas covered by those controls

Threats dealt with by those controls

Safeguards those controls put in place.

Also in the presentation, describe at least 3 situations or scenarios that could have an impact on each category (Administrative, Technical, and Physical). For each situation describe the threat and provide a safeguard to help protect it.


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