Wk2skyler 04/22/2018 selection for research argument discussion


This discussion begins your preparation for the researched argument paper (Weeks 6 & 8) by focusing on selecting and narrowing a topic. A researched argument paper requires a topic that is controversial; this means that there is more than one viewpoint on the topic.

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Wk2skyler 04/22/2018 selection for research argument discussion
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Your initial post should respond to the following discussion elements:

Step 1: Topics and Questions

  • List three topics that interest you
  • Write at least one question about each of the topics (remember: who, what, where, when, why, and how)

Step 2: Answering your questions

  • The answers you provide to the questions help develop and focus a thesis for a researched argument
  • Answer one of the questions you posed for each of the three topics chosen.
  • The answers to the questions should be a statement/sentence that contains the words “should,” “must,” or “need” as a helping verb.

Step 3: Expand upon one topic.

  • Write a paragraph or two based on what you already know about this topic.
  • Try to come up with several points (or reasons) why your statement (aka thesis) is true.
  • Tip: Think about how someone would try to prove your thesis isn’t true


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