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Health Policy: Reimbursement Of Nurse Practitioners

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Wk3/dis/reply/wm | Biology homework help
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Research was conducted on the internet, online library, and on specialty organizations to address questions related to Nurse Informatics. The questions focused on when do you consult a nurse informatics, role they play in primary care, qualifications, and credentials held.

When would you consult with nurse informatics?

Nurse informatics are consulted to assist health care organizations with the clinical and information technology world (Lee, 2020). They help organizations with new computer programs, tools, and electronic health records (EHR). They educate health care professionals to new programs and train new staff with current programs being used. The informatics nurse serves as the organization liaison (Lee, 2020).

What role does the nurse informatics play in primary care?

The nurse informatics play a role in working with primary care to educate health care professionals on the electronic health records to improve patient care. They focus on improving communication and management of information in the field of nursing (Nurse Journal, 2020). Healthcare workers are able to document on patients charts and view other documentation without waiting on a chart to be available. I worked in a facility where they did not have EHR and we had to wait our turn to be able to chart. Nursing has come a long way from when I first became a nurse with paper charting. Nurse informatics focus documentation process and how they can improve the speed and accuracy of the charting process (Nurse Journal, 2020).

What qualifications and credentialing are held by nurse informatics?

The nurse informatics is considered qualified when they graduated from a bachelors in healthcare technology or health informatics and has passed state boards.The nurse has to have two years experience as a Registered Nurse and continuing education in informatics (National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2016). The credentials for nurse informatics can be held by getting board certified. They can get board certified through American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). “The ANCC certification is the only accredited informatics nursing certification available in the United States”.

The research on nursing informatics was interesting and learning about other roles helps guide on other roles a nurse may want to encounter in the future.


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