Workplace memo – strictly plagiarism check – attach plagiarism report


You are the manager of the research and development department at SafeZone, a company that provides safety and emergency supplies to companies around the Lower Mainland. 

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Workplace memo – strictly plagiarism check – attach plagiarism report
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With the recent developments with Covid 19, your company has adopted a policy of optional masks. Employees were encouraged to wash their hands frequently, but not much was done to ensure that they were doing so.

Recently, one of your team members, Bonnie Pepe, came into work with obvious cold symptoms. She had coughed over half of the office before one of the managers noticed and sent her home. Some of the nearby employees went in for testing to double check that they hadn’t caught anything from her, only to be diagnosed with Covid 19. You now have half of your team working from home, causing a lot of additional stress to the remaining workers who have to pick up their workload.

The CEO consulted with the HR department before setting up the rules. Because of Bonnie’s situation, masks will now be mandatory in all common areas. Employees will be able to get an exemption for medical reasons, but a doctor’s note will be required. Apparently, the HR department originally wanted to also mandate employees washing their hands every hour, but the CEO has decided this would be too restrictive. Instead, she decided that employees should be required to wash their hands at least four times a day. Individual department managers such as yourself will be responsible for ensuring that they do so.

You must send out an e-mail memo to your employees (using the fake recipient email of [email protected]) detailing the new policy, which will start at the beginning of next month. You can use your personal e-mail as the sender’s e-mail. Compose the e-mail in *.docx format.

Do NOT directly copy from any source material (templates, examples, textbook, etc.) because doing so counts as plagiarism. All assignments will be cross-checked against other students’ submissions for plagiarism as well as with templates on the Internet. By submitting your assignment, you are agreeing that it is uniquely your work.

Marking Criteria:

Introductory Information
Salutation (/1)
Appropriate subject line (/1)

Opening + Body
Direct opening (describes new policy) with justification included (/4)
Doesn’t over explain policy and justification (/2)
Includes key details (/4)
Uses graphic highlighting (/2)

Includes action information, dates or deadlines, summary of the message, and/or closing thought. (/3)
Includes relevant contact information in signature block (/2)

Overall Message
Formal + polite (/2)
Clearly written (/4)
Correct formatting (/2)


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