Write a description paragraph | English homework help



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Write a description paragraph | English homework help
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Write a Description Paragraph


Description, another one of the nine patterns of paragraph development, involves using words to create a word picture of a subject. A goal of this pattern is for your readers to be able to experience what you are describing. Details that appeal to all of the senses are used: seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, and tasting.


Again, recalling what you learned in this module’s readings, refer back to Chapter 14, Description, in your textbook. Use one of the topics below (there are a few more listed in your textbook). Write a description paragraph. Begin by filling in the blank of the topic sentence provided by your textbook.


“I could tell by looking at the room that a ___________ lived there.”

 computer expert

business person

cat or dog lover



world traveler



football player

outdoors person


chef or cook



efficiency expert



Your paragraph should contain the following:


  • Approximately 175-200 words

  • The given topic sentence with the person listed

  • Adequate detail to support topic sentence

  • Error-free sentences





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