write an 6 page paper that describes your leadership philosophy in

Your paper should address every each of the following sections:

1. Introductory assumptions. Describe the type of position you are “applying” for and the school you are interested in. (For example, the dean at a research university, the Provost at a Community college).

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write an 6 page paper that describes your leadership philosophy in
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2. Leadership theory. What leadership theory best informs your style? Select a theory from chapter 7 of the Guide for Leaders text or another source. How does this theory guide your actions?

3. Leadership practice. How will you inspire others? How will you deal with a problem or conflict? How will you balance your work, health and personal life? What will you be known for? You may select a specific opportunity or challenge that educational leaders are facing now to discuss how you would handle this. For this paper, you may incorporate your previous research from this course.

4. Leadership ethics. What things will you always do? What things will you never do? What are the elements of your professional ethics code?

5. Leadership and faith integration. Identify aspects of your Leadership Philosophy that align with or contradict Christian faith and/or your worldview.

6. Leadership Reflection. . How have you developed and grown as a leader? Assume that your future self is writing about what you did to prepare yourself for this role as a leader.

8. You may incorporate other material from the course that informs your Higher Education Leadership Philosophy.


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