Write journal | English homework help

i need a journal about these words 1-(I am brilliant) , 2-(I am powerful), 3-(I am limitless), 4-(I am love) , 5-(forgive live) , 6-(your vulnerability is your divinity), 7-(where there is breath all things are possible), 8-(enjoy being you), 9-(you are more than worthy), 10-(learn the lessons receive the blessings), 11-(give yourself credit you are amazing), 12-(I am a master piece), 13-(you are the gift), 14-(I am beautiful), 15-(I am a shining star), 16-(my spirit is ageless), 17-(you are magnificent beyond your imagination), 18-(your purpose is your destiny),  19-(the magic is me ), 20-( be you brilliant powerful limitless love!), 21-(the more we reveal the more we heal).

For every world I need a journal. the journal for every world should be half a page or little bit less. Examples and stories included should be simple and general that they would happen to any person

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Write journal | English homework help
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