Writing a survey on networking topic

Suppose you work in a network security company, and you need to prepare a survey report of a particular security issue of wireless networking. To start with, select an area of wireless network security. We have listed some research papers in the ‘recommended reading/resources’ folder under the Resources for Students section, which can be helpful in choosing a topic. You need to use more papers in your selected topic too. This project may be done in teams of 2-3 students. Active participation in the online meeting and on the Forum will help identify like minded team members. Please write all team members names and student IDs on the title page of report. You may choose to work on your own as well.  Please read the following information about a survey. [20 marks]

What is a survey?

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Writing a survey on networking topic
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The goal of a survey is to give a broad, structured overview of a specific area.

For example, suppose you are working for a company that is exploring a new wireless technology or market, so employees and management are very not very familiar with this new area. You could be asked to prepare a written report and a 30 minute presentation to introduce to area, highlighting different approaches, challenges, opportunities, and risks.

A survey is different from a set of paper summaries. The survey should focus on presenting the “big picture” using the papers as examples. For each topic, we have identified about three papers to get you started, but we generally expect that you will have to consult additional materials. Examples may be papers cited in the original papers, material found on the web, or results from online libraries, like IEEE Explorer, or the ACM portal.


You should submit a written version of your survey. The length should be from 1000 to 2000 words (about 3-5 pages), not including references.

There is no strict template to be followed for this report. However, you may use the following- abstract/executive summary, importance of your security issue, state-of-the art, how the researchers are addressing the issue, which direction the research is going, the probable future research direction, conclusion/your comments, and references.


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