Writing about movies | English homework help

I need you to answer the 5 question about the 3 movies (350 – 400 words total). Try to find the answers  from them “you don’t have to watch the whole thing for each movie”

Movies links: (I provided several links for each movie)

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Writing about movies | English homework help
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1st movie: Dracula (1931)



https://www2.the123movies.com/dracula-1931/   (Choose the link says “Server 1” under the movie)

2nd movie: Dracula (1992)



3rd movie: Dracula untold


https://www2.the123movies.com/dracula-untold/ ( Choose the link says “Server 1” under the movie)

You can comment /compare / answer each point separately or write an essay touching the 5 points below. Give reasons for all your statements (350 – 400 words total).


1) Which of the 3 Dracula book-to-movie adaptations seemed scarier to you and why?

2) the Victorian Gothic brought with it the collapse between opposites (self – the other; good – evil; domestic – foreign; life – death; science – spirituality, fiancée – bride; familiar – unfamiliar, etc). Choose and discuss two examples of any such duality in any of the movies.

3) Compare any of the main characters (personality, motives, interpretation, transformation, etc) from any the 3 movies (Dracula 1931, Dracula 1992, Dracula Untold).

4) How is love and fear of death treated in these movies?

5) Which of the 3 movies did you like best? Give reasons


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