Your personal 5-year plan | Applied Sciences homework help

In many ways, personal plans are similar to strategic plans. We have goals, objectives, a strategy, and an action plan. For your final assignment, you are to develop your own 5-year plan for your career in healthcare. In it, list at least 2 goals and 3 objectives for each goal. Briefly describe your overall plan and the specific action steps you will undertake to implement your plan. Be sure to include a timeline. This paper should be a minimum of 2 pages but if you want to write more, please feel free to do so – it is your plan! Be sure to format your paper per APA standards and be sure to use in-text citations where necessary. Also, be sure to include a reference page when required.


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Your personal 5-year plan | Applied Sciences homework help
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Goal is to work in a clinic as a healthcare manager

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