Zurich assessment | Information Systems homework help

This week you are going to fill out a site security assessment that is going to be based on the site security assessment guide from Zurich. If you have been to the NKY campus or the main University Campus in Williamsburg, KY then you can use these for the site that you will fill out the document about. I realize that not everyone is going to be familiar with both of these sites, but maybe one of them. If you are not familiar with one of them then you can use a site that you choose, but please be careful if you are using a workplace, not to divulge a name and definitely do not use a US Government institution of any sort, you can make up a fictitious one as last resort, but you need to make sure that the story is consistent. I want some effort put into the paper, this could actually be a previous employer and now is your chance to document some of those problems that you saw every day that you wanted to say something about. 

Take a look at the .pdf supplied Site security assessment guide from Zurich

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Zurich assessment | Information Systems homework help
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Look at the sections that need to be filled in.

Decide on what location you are going to be assessing.

Fill in the assessment using the knowledge that you have gathered this semester.

Most of the information can be pretty generic and please do not use real names. You will see that the information gathering begins in earnest on the ‘site information’ page on the 3rd page of the .pdf file. Please use the rating system that is provided and enter some comments in each of the areas. You can use any program that you want to do this, as long as, the format is retained. After you are done with the assessment, please write a few paragraphs to share what you have learned from this practical exercise. Additionally, please write out a few paragraphs on what you are going to say to management, you want to make some suggestions to the management of the company and let them know your expert opinion of where they stand at this point in time. 


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